Whether it’s a kickin’ chorus of “Johnny B. Goode” on his electrified Baseball Bat Guitar or a studio-quality piano love song from “Phantom of the Opera”, the Music and Comedy of Lee Fugal is sure to be a hit with your group.

Lee’s clever concoction of wonderful piano music, audience participation, (all very clean and in good taste!), his musical “inventions”, playing multiple instruments at once, and his impersonations of musical legends such as Louis Armstrong will all add up to a delicious recipe for Music, Laughter, and Memories!

Here are a few highlights from the show...

Very Clean, but
Very Funny!

Balloon Powered


Baseball Bat Guitar

Magical, Musical Inventions

"Louis Armstrong"

3 Trumpets at Once!

Audience Participation

Music, Laughter, & Memories!
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